Our Doctors

Ohana means ‘Family’

Our Practice is our Ohana, whether it’s our patients or our Doctors.

Doctor Kyle Cardel

Kyle A. Cardel received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree as well as a Bachelor of Science in 2014 from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

Dr. Cardel was born and raised in Cheyenne. He graduated from East High School and attended LCCC working towards a microbiology degree.

In 2002, Dr. Cardel moved to Montana and attended Montana State University-Billings College of Technology earning an Associates in Emergency Medicine. He worked as a paramedic for more than 10 years in Montana and Iowa.

Dr. Cardel became interested in chiropractic in high school after talking with a Palmer representative. He decided to pursue a career in chiropractic in order to offer a more natural method of healing. ​Dr. Cardel enjoys being outdoors, hunting, and grilling.

Dr. Kyle Cardel, D.C. will be at Chiropractic Sports and Wellness, 1023 E. Lincolnway, (307) 635-7727. Insurance patients accepted.

Doctor Alicia Ruiz

Alicia, received her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree in 2012 from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Montana State University-Billings.

Dr. Ruiz was born in Washington but grew up in a rural farming/ranching community in Montana.

Dr. Ruiz intended on pursuing a career as a surgeon but after working as a certified nurse assistant in a hospital setting, she became interested in less invasive forms of treatment which led her to chiropractic. Dr. Ruiz also worked in a pathology lab prior to attending chiropractic school.

Dr. Alicia Ruiz, D.C. will be practicing out of The Colonial Building, 721 E. Lincolnway, email for appointments to aaruiz.dc@gmail.com. She will no longer be contracted with any insurance companies after December.

Our Team

Dahn Schuler, LMT, CLT

With a passion for therapeutic healing, Dahn specializes in providing medical massage treatments rather than spa massages. She holds an Associate degree in Therapeutic Massage from IBMC in Cheyenne, WY, which she obtained in 2014. In 2019, she furthered her expertise by becoming a Certified Lymphedema Therapist through the Norton Schools of Lymphatic Therapy in Tulsa, OK, completing certifications in Manual Lymph Drainage and Complete Decongestion Therapy.

Dahn’s extensive professional training includes various specialties such as Therapeutic Clinical Massage, Headache Relief, Palliative Care/Ill Patient Care, Comfort Touch for Seniors, Prenatal/Infant, Pediatric Massage, and Pain Control. She has developed proficiency in blended techniques like Intricate Muscle Work, Reflexology/Trigger Point therapy, Gua-Sha/Nerve Stroke, and TMJ Intraoral techniques. Driven by her desire to relieve pain and restore range of motion, Dahn chose to work in the chiropractic industry. Her certifications in lymph movement and lymphedema treatment allow her to effectively reduce post-operative swelling and water retention, always with the approval and collaboration of physicians.

Recognizing her calling in this profession, Dahn vividly remembers the moment her fingers seemed to gain their own intuition and sensitivity, just like her professor used to say, becoming “eyes” that could detect and address the underlying issues causing discomfort and pain.

Outside of her work at Ohana Chiropractic, Dahn is a multifaceted individual. Under pen names DC Sargent and Mizz Maddy Mack, she enjoys expressing her creativity as an author. Her website, dcsargent.com, showcases her written works. Additionally, Dahn finds joy in teaching Middle Eastern belly dance and veil dancing, as well as performing regularly across Wyoming and Colorado. Her passion for movement and expression extends beyond the massage therapy realm, allowing her to embrace diverse facets of her personality and bring joy to others through her artistry.

Rebekah Sweet

Administrative Assistant/Laser Technician

Rebekah moved to town with her family when she was five years old due to her father’s service in the Air Force. Rebekah graduated with an Associate of Multimedia from Laramie County Community College (LCCC) in December 2021 and is currently pursuing an Associate degree in Music at the same institution. Shebstarted working at Ohana Chiropractic on May 24, 2021. She is passionate about her role as a laser technician and enjoys interacting with the customers. Being an administrative assistant is a job she has always aspired to have since she was younger.

Outside of work, Rebekah’s educational background includes working for LCCC Wingspan, the college newspaper, as the Business Manager. She also held positions as a Mass Media Student Worker, Social Media Manager for the High Plains Register (LCCC’s Literary Magazine), and an assistant in LCCC’s Marketing and Publications department. Her education at LCCC provided her with valuable opportunities to enhance her skills, expand her knowledge, and pursue her dreams in the mass media and multimedia field. Additionally, she has various hobbies outside of work. She is an avid writer, having published two books in 2019 and 2020.

Additionally, she has written, produced, and directed several plays for her church since 2017. Rebekah’s passion for photography has been nurtured since childhood, and she has used her skills in various projects, including article writing, websites, social media, fine arts endeavors, and more. Graphic design has always intrigued her, offering endless creative possibilities through computer graphics, photography, and design programs. In 2022, Rebekah achieved fifth place in the Talon Talks public speaking contest held at LCCC. Currently, she is pursuing a major in Music at LCCC, focusing on vocal and flute studies as she continues to pursue her passions and explore her diverse range of interests.

Angie Webb

If using insurance: Kauffman Chiropractic, Call Ohana if self pay and we can give that information.